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National Monument

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National Martyr’s Monument | Bangladesh Memorials

This is the national martyr monument of Bangladesh located in Nabinagar, Savar, close to Dhaka city. Also the national monument of Bangladesh. Built-in memory of the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in the liberation war. This is one of the modern architectural monuments of Bangladesh, A huge tourist attraction, several hours can be spent here, not only by enjoying the monument but also the park outside.

National Martyr’s Monument

The place for our pride. Beautiful scenario with big parks, lakes, and Masjid. The architecture of National Marty’s is outstanding. Such a lovely place. It’s looking great and shows the Whole of Bangladesh in Single Piller. I did a great journey at Night. I hope- you’ll also enjoy it like me.

Amidst the hallowed earth, a monument stands tall, A tribute to heroes who answered honor’s call, The National Martyr’s Monument, a beacon of light, Guiding our hearts through the darkest of nights.

Each stone a testament to courage and might, With names engraved, they shine so bright, Brave souls who sacrificed, their spirits unbound, For the love of the land, where freedom resounds.

From distant battles to struggles fought near, Their memories etched, forever crystal clear, In unity, they marched, hearts intertwined, Champions of justice, their legacy enshrined.

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