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National Monument

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National Monuments of USA

The United States of America USA is the largest country with so many protected lands. there are approximately 131 National Monuments across the USA’s territory. These are high benefits in regard to cultural social and scientific modes. Every year thousands of people across the country visit such golden areas to value the country’s monuments. Foreigners also do the same when they have a chance to go to American states.  Their only goal would be to have been with these national monuments. North American states have almost thousands of monuments. Which have great importance in every regard.

A government tract of property can be designated as a National Monument under the Antiquities Act of 1906 in order to preserve its unique natural, cultural, or scientific features. President Theodore Roosevelt designated Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower as the first National Monument in US history shortly after this statute became operative. The National Park Service was subsequently established in 1916.

There are 130 National Monuments that are overseen by several federal entities as of January 2021. These monuments are as varied as they are stunning, ranging from California’s Muir Woods to New York’s Statue of Liberty.



For every citizen, it is important to know about the national monument of his country. it helps to recognize the culture, tradition, and way of living of that country.


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